Monday, 15 September 2014

What are antioxidants and seanol p?

What are antioxidants?

A popular health buzzword these days is Antioxidant. There are many claims that these substances can cure cancer, reduce the risk of other diseases and maybe even reverse the affects of age and time. There are even claims of some more outrageous benefits of anti-oxidants. Well let's take a look at anti-oxidants and discuss if they really hare healthy or not. 

The theory behind antioxidants and how they work is not really that complicated and it does have some merit. The one thing that is somewhat controversial is how good are they at really providing these super health claims especially when they are taken in supplements form.  

One of the basic functions of life is breathing. The body needs oxygen to produce energy. Unfortuately, one of the by products of this process are free radicals. These are atoms that have electrons that are unbalanced. What happens in the body is that these atoms will steal electrons from other cells. This process can damage the cells and lead to aging or disease. 
It in natural to have these free radicals in your body and there is not much you can realy do about it. The problem is when you have too many of them in your body then your chances for disease and faster aging are increased. 

So where do antioxidants fit in? These are substances that Antioxidants are compounds that append to and kill free radicals. The best part is that antioxidants are found in large portions of the foods that we consume. You will discover them in foods that contain Vitamin C, Vitamin E, the mineral Selenium and Beta-carotene which is an antecedent of Vitamin A. There are additionally numerous different wellsprings of against oxidants like lycopene and anthocyanins. These are delegated non-supplement antioxidants which give practically zero nutritious esteem however are still profitable for their antioxidant properties.
Seanol-P antioxidants in Marine D3 are the most powerful in the world.

Some examination with creatures demonstrates that there is a reasonable connection between antioxidant utilize and lessening as a part of the frequency of malady. The association in humans is not quite as clear cut and many studies show benefits where other studies so not. A lot of these studies where completed by taking supplements and it appears that the best way to get anti-oxidants is by eating foods that contains them and not by using supplements. So even if the affects of anti-oxidants is limited, you will still be eating helathy foods that do have many healthy benefits.

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